20 March 2019 | Vaasa, Finland
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20 March 2019
Vaasa, Finland
Energy Match 2019

Looking for new subcontractors or other partners in the energy sector?

The annual Vaasa EnergyWeek gathers energy enthusiasts from all over the world to share information, hear about the latest news and most interesting cases, extend their networks and do business. The week is full of exciting events, consisting of seminars, exhibitions and other occasions. 

On 21 March, you can share your procurement needs and meet potential new partners!

The focus will be on matching Scandinavian companies looking for new subcontractors or other partners in the energy sector with the Finnish service or product providers. The idea of the event is to introduce sales opportunities for the participating companies.

What can we offer you?

For free of charge, you get

- to introduce your procurement practises and needs (max. 30min.)
- to listen to the Finnish companies’ presentations / pitching
- to meet one-on-one the Finnish companies according to your own selection
- a free dinner ticket for 20 March

Are you looking for new sales leads?

Stay tuned! We will first find the buyers, after that we will start looking for the Finnish companies, that could match the suppliers' needs. 


For more information and to register to the event, please contact Minna & Satu!

Minna Jakobsson | Viexpo                
+358 50 572 7404, minna.jakobsson@viexpo.fi  

Satu Alapiha | Enterprise Europe Network  
+358 50 3830355, satu.alapiha@turkubusinessregion.com

Thursday's program is organized by Enterprise Europe Network and Viexpo.


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